Released Weatherman v1.1.0

Feb 16, 2017

Released new version of my bukkit plugin WeatherMan v1.1.0.

  • Added Local Time feature. Now you can create time specific for player, region, biome or world.
  • Internal recode and optimization
  • Updated to craftbukkit/spigot 1.11.x
New commands:
  • /wtm player [<player> <HH:MM|day|night|remove>] — configure player personal time
  • /wtm region [<region> <HH:MM|day|night|remove>] — configure local region time
  • /wtm biome [<biome> <HH:MM|day|night|remove>] — configure local biome time
  • /wtm world [<world> <HH:MM|day|night|remove>] — configure local world time